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Production Hall of the Swiss m4m Center
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About us

Founded in 2019, the Swiss m4m Center is a technology transfer center dedicated to make additive manufacturing accessible for small and medium sized MedTech companies. Our goal is to support companies exploit the advantages of additive manufacturing for innovative medical devices in a reliable and cost-effective manner to improve patient care.

Our Vision

Be the go-to player for medical device

additive manufacturing

Our Mission

Facilitating the adoption of additive manufacturing in the medical device industry

The Swiss m4m Center is an AG with public research institutions as well as industry companies as shareholders. The diverse group of shareholders secures the independency of this public-private partnership and guarantees open access to the center’s competences and capabilities for all interested parties from science and industry.

The center values a close collaboration with a broad range of partners, including research institutions, clinical partners, certified test labs, MedTech companies, as well as equipment, software and raw material manufacturers. These partners consider the Swiss m4m Center as an excellence hub and technology platform to jointly develop the 3D printing technology for the medical industry.

The center engages in a range of activities to establish itself as a key player in the industry.

The company is supporting engineering activities from prototyping to product release, this to stimulate innovations made by 3D printing that meet the specific needs of the industry.


We comply with a range of regulations and standards to ensure our products are safe and effective. This involves an ISO 13485 certification with a seamless validated supply chain for the European market.

Quality & Regulatory Compliance

In our own manufacturing facilities we produce medical devices using additive manufacturing, from custom made devices to serial products. We use the SLM technology and leverage advanced 3D printing techniques such as hybrid 3D printing.

Pilot Manufacturing

We offer trainings to help the industry learn about the benefits of additive manufacturing in the medical field. This includes workshops, seminars, and training modules designed to provide practical guidance on the use of additive manufacturing.

Training & Education

About us


CEO Nicolas Bouduban


+41 79 601 32 38

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Project Manager Marco Flury


Project Manager

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Head of QM and RA Alexander Hatt


Head of QM and RA

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Project Manager Timo Kofmehl


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Project Manager Reto Nardini


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Technician Patrick Stämpfli

Patrick Stämpfli

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Training Manager Melanie Wahl


Training and Project Manager
+41 79 507 90 25

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Production Employee Leander Flury

Leander Flury

Production Employee

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Our Partners

Our Partners

We can rely on know-how of experienced partners, covering all needs required for an approved medical product made by additve manufacturing.

Clinical / MedTech
Additive Manufacturing
Post Processing
Institution / Education
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