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Custom medical devices

Personalization, enhanced patient safety and optimized functionality.


Additive manufacturing opens up new dimensions for customized medical devices. The technology allows to print complex geometries with no additional effort or a need for extra tooling. It is even possible to manufacture multiple customized implants in one go – optimizing scaled manufacturing, the so-called mass customization.

The Swiss m4m Center offers expertise in setting up additive production processes for customized medical devices for various applications with experience in fields like CMF or hand surgery.

CMF Plate for oncologic mandibular treatment ©Swiss m4m Center

CMF plate for oncological mandibular treatment

Custom medical devices are specifically designed and tailored to fit the unique anatomy and needs of individual patients. By taking into account patient-specific factors, such as anatomy, physiological requirements and functional limitations, these devices can deliver more precise and effective treatment. This can result in improved therapeutic outcomes, reduced complications, and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Custom Medical Devices
3D printing in dentstry

3D printing in dentistry

Are you feeling the pressure to follow the trend of digitalization in dentistry to stay at the forefront of innovation? We are here for you...

As experts in 3D printing, we print dental and orthodontic applications in titanium or cobalt chrome.

  • you supply the STL-file

  • we deliver the product according your specifications

4 reasons to choose Swiss m4m



at the forefront of innovation and digitization


100% Swiss Made

we stand for

Swiss quality


Fair Prices

fair prices for a

valuable service



3D printing and engineering expertise

Surgical Instruments
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Surgical instruments

As the use of additive manufacturing increases, so does the innovation of medical instruments.


3D printing has many advantages related to surgical instruments, is it in means of design iterations through rapid prototyping, optimization of specific functions, or even surgeon-specific tools becoming a real, cost-effective possibility.


  • Surgical instruments can be tailored to the specific needs of individual patients, optimizing their effectiveness and improving overall surgical precision.

  • Additive manufacturing opens up new possibilities for designing instruments with features that were previously impractical or impossible to achieve, such as internal channels or improved ergonomics.

  • Additive manufacturing allows for rapid and cost-effective production of prototypes, enabling surgeons and medical device manufacturers to evaluate and refine designs more efficiently.

Process validation

Process validation

We support you in qualifying and validating your additive manufacturing processes – from feedstock qualification up to standard post processing. You profit directly from our validation experts and a milestone based cost calculation.

We support your validation project on different levels

Level 1 - Responding to your specific questions regarding qualification and validation of your additive manufacturing processes

Level 2 - Developing and planning Q&V strategies and concepts according your requirements

Level 3 - Establishing your process mapping, risk assessment, qualification and validation planning, standard operation procedures and reports

A regulated environment with the application of norms and standards such as ISO 13485:2016 for medical technology and ASTM F3434 - 20 for additive manufacturing provide guidance for machine qualification and validated processes. Our experts turn these guidelines into a productive additive manufacturing line and support you with many years of experience in MedTech and 3D printing industries.

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